Swarna Kaduva Biju Menon malayalam Film Review
Swarna Kaduva Biju Menon malayalam Film Review

Swarna Kaduva Cast & Crew :
Directed by : Jose Thomas
Produced by : Job G. Oommen
Written by : Babu Janardhanan
Starring : Biju Menon, Innocent, Poojitha Menon, Iniya
Music by : Ratheesh Vegha
Edited by : John Kutty
Production company : Job G. Films
Distributed by : Jo & Jo

On a comparison level with director Jose Thomas’s previous two movies, this one is one level up of Mayamohini and Sringaravelan. Box office results of Swarna Kaduva may not come close to those films but in terms of the entertainment value this movie offer is more genuine even though the execution side could have been better. But what works as an advantage to this movie is a pretty interesting plot and a decent screenplay, both aspects credited to screenwriter Babu Janardhanan.

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Rini is the protagonist here and at times the antagonistic as well around whom the storyline develop.”Tale of a selfish giant”, that’s what the tag line of the movie says and Rini perfectly fits the billing justifying that tag line. The character is too selfish minded that he will go to any extreme to achieve what he wants no matter what will be the consequences of it and who he is up against.

He is the loyal, trustworthy and all in all of Lonappan, a jewelery owner and a film producer. The movie basically show the rise of Rini from scratches to a businessman and at the same time the self realization of the man who always moves in the wrong path creating pain for those who are close to him, the only exception being Lonappan, towards him Roni always gives in everything.

Biju Menon in Swarna Kaduva
Biju Menon in Swarna Kaduva

Babu Janardhanan whose last film God for Sale had a socially relevant theme just like many of his earlier flicks choose almost the same path in Swarna Kaduva too but added the element of satire to give more life into his screenplay. The character of Rini is a mix of Biju Menon’s recently successful Vellimoonga blended with the negatively shaded character of Vaasthavam, the latter movie scripted by Babu Janardhanan himself. So literally you can see a Maamachan wearing the shirt of a Balachandran here.

On the execution side, director goes for the conventional method and thereby completely shutting the door for anything novel in presentation. An outdated presentation at times makes the movie less attractive but the comical flavor in the story saves the movie end up as a washout. There is not much lagness overall which is mainly attributed to a decent screenplay. The movie takes a dig at few things in and around us through the satirical approach which works in its favor. One major soreness that I felt was in the hurriedly created and unappealing climax.

poojitha menon in swarna kaduva
Poojitha Menon in Swarna Kaduva

The plot takes its shape in Thrissur. So naturally we see everyone speaking in the all too familiar and famous Thrissur dialect. Biju Menon who effortlessly handled the Palakkadan slang in the movie Ordinary tries this slang with perfection. The character had a dual shade with a negative touch and it was a performance that justified his casting for the role. Innocent as Lonappan was comical repeating his natural and trademark style that was sometimes going over the board.

Iniya who was one of the heroine in the movie was not a bad choice while Poojitha was just about okay. Hareesh this time had a different role to play compared to his previous flicks. He was good with his comic expressions and one liners, making a good impact overall. Sudheer Karamana, Baiju and Suresh Krishna are part of the supporting cast and all of them were apt in their respective characters.

There is nothing commendable about the camera work. Editing had its share of trouble and should have been better. Music was okay but Ratheesh Vega’s background score had an unpleasant tone at few places.

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