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We should really salute and appreciate the people behind movies like CIA, Lakshyam and Ramante Edanthottam for their bravery and courage shown to release them now taking a big risk. When a strong storm is sweeping the nation in the form of Baahubali 2, the makers of the movies that I listed ignored the storm and traveled towards it instead of going against the wave. But there was every chance of little less hyped films sinking without a trace and getting unnoticed which the makers didn’t care.

Ranjith Sankar’s Ramante Edanthottam has every chance of being a victim of the storm since the film is too preachy and lagging thereby meriting an attention at this time. Inspite of some good message and showcasing a theme that has some critical elements that deserve to be told to the public, the treatment of the movie lacked that X-factor in it to make for a compelling watch.

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Coming to a brief outline of the story, we have two married couples Elvis and Maalini. They have a little daughter and the film is a journey into their life, how the relationship evolve over a period of time and also dwell upon few other characters who gets connected with them.

Treatment as I mentioned earlier follow a similar path of the director’s last few flicks with lot of goodness, noble messages and trying to portray the importance of love and relationships. The intentions were good. Also one should appreciate the sincerity shown in promoting and supporting the greenery and environment which is praiseworthy. But when it came to the movie and its execution, the two hours that the audience is witnessing on screen turns out to be pretty dull that ultimately test the patience level.

The character of Elvis that Joju George enact at one time justify all the things that he does without his wife’s knowledge as just sipping a glass of juice. He goes to the extent of saying to one of his friend that he doesn’t have a double standard on this and if ever his better half too goes on the same life style as his, he doesn’t mind it. But when reality show him a different side of his wife Maliny, he can’t accept it and behave madly quite contrary to what he says thereby showing the double standards and also justifying what he does is not wrong. Elvis is too confused just like the screenplay that couldn’t come up with a proper shape to this vital character in the whole film.

Raamante edhan thottam actress Anu Sithara Image
Raamante Edhan Thottam actress Anu Sithara

Similar is the case of the relationship between Maliny and Ram which could not click and conveyed a confusing feel. Whether it was an extramarital relationship or pure friendship, well there were moments that conveyed both and the film failed to give clarity to this relationship which was one of the drawbacks among a few others.

Kunchacko Boban is casted as Ram, a role that looked more like an extended guest appearance that comes, vanishes and reappear again.
Majority of the scenes were reserved for the characters of Elvis played by Joju George and Maliny played by Anu Sithara. Even then it was a good attempt by the actor who acted in a simple manner to put Ram in a safe territory.

For Joju, this movie has a full fledged role for him which he has done to the best of his ability. The character goes through different emotional phases and the actor in Joju was finding it hard to balance it perfectly but can’t complain much since he has his limitations and entrusting a role like this to him had its own risk which the director was ready to take.

Ramante Edanthottam Actress Anu Sithara Photos
Ramante Edanthottam Actress Anu Sithara

Anu Sithara in my opinion was quite good and apt for the role of Maliny. Sreejith Ravi, Muthumani and Ramesh Pisharody are the supporting actors and they were notable in their respective roles. Aju Varghese plays an unimportant role in his usual style but can’t understand the logic behind the induction of this character that was totally out of place if you look at the overall story.

Bijibal has done well as the songs he has tuned and the background score he gave for the film perfectly synchronized with the total mood of the film. Madhu Neelakandan’s camera work was another notable factor that captured the beauty of Wagamon. The brooding trees, misty mountains and the greenery of the locale have been perfectly captured making each and every frame look beautiful whenever the resort that Ram owns is shown.

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